"The Prince of Persia": a childhood dream realised for game maker Jordan Mechner

In a nostalgic reflection, the creator of 'Prince of Persia' expresses awe at the unforeseen trajectory of the game he birthed. 

In a poignant revelation, video game maker Jordan Mechner shares that the creation of "The Prince of Persia" has allowed him to fulfill a cherished childhood dream. The game, born from Mechner's creative vision, has become more than just a project—it's the realisation of aspirations that he held dear since his early years. 

Originally conceiving the game as a creative endeavor, he now marvels at how it has become his magic carpet, carrying him through the expansive and ever-changing landscape of the gaming industry. Moreover, after a hiatus spanning thirteen years since the last installment, Jordan Mechner's medieval hero is poised for a triumphant return in "The Lost Crown". This upcoming release not only rekindles the spirit of a pioneering game but also breathes new life into a franchise with a storied history spanning three decades and boasting over 20 million copies sold. 

In a testament to the unforeseen longevity of his creation, Jordan Mechner expresses profound surprise, confessing that he "never imagined" the enduring lifespan of the game's universe. The unfolding saga of his medieval hero, spanning over three decades and now set for a new chapter in "The Lost Crown," has surpassed the bounds of his initial expectations. 

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